Club Officers

Warren Puckett

NTHPA Club President – Warren Puckett

I believe that pilots are a special breed of people and so unique that we need to connect to allow for communications and activities that allow us to enjoy all types of flying.  I want to make the club a functional entity that focuses on being a communications tool and social gathering to allow us to connect with other pilots.

I am a long time pilot and started flying in the Navy Flying Club in 1975 and got my private license.   I also did skydiving to prepare for a corpsman mobile hospital assignment during Vietnam.   I started hang gliding in 1978 in Knoxville TN at UT.  After that I moved to UT Chattanooga to finish my degree and flew as a local for 3 years.   After college I worked in petroleum chemistry in West Texas and got into sailplanes, skydiving and ultralights.   I moved to the DFW metroplex in 1989 and have been a member of the NTHPA ever since.   I have a hang 4 rating and am starting paragliding training.

In my other life I am a high science teacher and a part time pharmacy technician.


Webmaster – Duane McCune


Greg Fergus

Safety Officer – Greg Fergus











Greg Chastain – Vice President


Gary  – Treasurer


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